Halie Torris

Be Still - Oil And Acrylic On Canvas

Artist Statement

My body of work is a collection of fragments from my daily experiences of living as a young LGBTQ, female artist today. The experiences that I draw from are related to LGBTQ issues, women empowerment, protection of mother nature and self-awareness/consciousness. My ever-growing connection to self-awareness has led to the minimization of my ego during painting and channeling the greater collective consciousness.

Initially, my painting process is triggered by emotions and a reaction to an event or through my daily meditations. Through meditation, my feelings are equalized and balanced until a common truth is reached – which is then portrayed through the painting. My work with oils has changed over time, evolving from spur-of-the-moment type of inspiration into a more structured, daily discipline. Highly detailed, structured elements paired with free-flowing brush strokes creates a visual language which mimics that of my growing development as an artist. Each piece possesses a narrative that can be experienced by the viewer themselves. The emotions that are harbored upon viewing one of my paintings is intended to reflect the viewer’s own consciousness.

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