Lelanya Bennett

Mountains In The Rain - Oil
Phone:   (410) 422-5200
Artist Statement
I work in traditional oils. Just the smell of linseed oil and paint thinner take me, at once, back in time, to the Old Masters, and propels me forward to create something new. In my work, I’m hoping to elicit whispers of the wild, a sense of something that transcends differences of time and place. Nature is astoundingly unique. Every blade of grass is different, as every one of us is different. That’s our connection. We are of this ecosystem. I hope that to feel that, for a second, is moving. Oddly enough, I feel this not only in nature, but also in how natural materials age, and in how color and sunlight show this in our everyday lives. From graduating from Baltimore School for the Arts to having a faux painting business for 15 years, to currently focusing on my artwork, as well as having a color consulting business, color is an amazing, powerful, and never ending study.