Sidney Edwards


Artist Biography

Sidney’s formative years in a Maryland high school art program for gifted and talented students were influenced by fantasy illustration masters Boris Vallejo, Jeffrey Jones, Roger Dean and N.C. Wyeth. In the first years of college at Montgomery Community College, he was awarded two commissions for murals in the student lounge and administrative offices. This inspired a move to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design. More exposure to late 19th, early and mid 20th century masters James McNeill Whistler, Childe Hassam, Winslow Homer and David Levine had a special capacity to affect the eventual direction Mr. Edwards work. After a brief professional illustration career, overtaken by the digital revolution, Sidney turned to graphic design to support a small family. After his pivotal contributions, transforming too small brands into iconic status, a transition from the corporate to the cerebral was necessary. Never losing touch with his roots simultaneously taking classes in the atelier style studying with masters Gustav Rehberger, Nicki Orbach, Frederick Wong, Silya Kiese, Paul Ching-Bor and Michael Pellettieri at the Art Students League of NY.