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In-Person: Drawing Booth Camp Class with David Simpson

August 7 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Abstract Mixed Media and Collage - A Creative Process with Laurie Daddona

$30 for members/ $38 for non-members per class (This class will also be available for virtual attendance) 

Please register by 08-05-2022!

August 7th Drawing with Speed for Accuracy @ The OCAL

This analytical in person/virtual (hybrid) class will focus on timed drawings of still life subjects. We will focus on working faster than usual, while trying to develop accuracy. The fact is that challenging one’s self to create art at a swift pace helps train the artistic eye. Drawing more quickly allows artists to rely on what one perceives and feels, while not being overly analytical. When developing art skills, drawing exercises help rhythm and routine. As a class, we will gain an understanding of the class concepts through a brief lecture, Power Point, and demonstration. This class will be unique in the fact that students will follow step by step instruction in creating a few quick sketches and a finished piece in the time frame of the class. We will continue to address the importance of the art elements line, shape, form, value, and texture. Although this class will utilize pencil as the medium, the content knowledge of the class is directly applicable to all painting and drawing media. This class can be accomplished with literally one pencil, eraser, and paper. However, the ideal essential materials are a variety of Pencils, HB-6B, erasers, and sketch pad (approximately 11” x 14”) and still life objects.

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