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In-Person: Intuitive Collage with Barbara Buford

November 3 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Abstract Mixed Media and Collage - A Creative Process with Laurie Daddona

Cost: $35 Members, $44 Non-Members,

Please register by 11/01/2022!

Intuitive collage is a collage that is not planned and is made by using collage papers and objects that speak to you. It might be birds, nature, a poem, or quote that gives you the inspiration to create this collage. Students will learn how to create the collage using grid composition. You will learn to allow your feelings and intuition guide you through this process. This collage will be truly personal to each student and it will help you find your true authentic voice and creating style.
Supplies needed:
1- 8×8 or 10×10 canvas Matt medium or gel medium and old brush for gluing. An old gift card or plastic card Collage papers of a variety of subjects that speak to you. Also, words and or phrases cut from magazines or old book. I like to use old papers and books in my collages but it’s not a requirement. Thrift stores have a good supply of old papers. Any collage material that you have such as cheese cloth, bits of ribbon, lace, or fabric and any trinkets you would like to use. Acrylic paint in colors that make you happy. I always include black and white. Scissors, paint brushes, paper towels and water container

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