Trope- Always Dancin'

Spotlight Artist for the month of March and April

The human figure as expressed in modern dance has always informed my art. Closing my eyes, I can envision the outline of the dancer’s body translated to paper to manifest the expressiveness of the whole body…head,arms,legs and torso. By exaggerating parts of the body, I create the intensity and exuberance of the dance. I began incorporating landscapes into my work after falling in love with the dramatic scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My current work uses many design elements from my background in textile design, but the dance figure always remains central.

I began working with brush markers and rapidograph pen and ink in 2004. At first, I used a simple grid background with a design overlay using the rapidograph pen. As I became more familiar with the variety of brush markers and nibs, I was able to create more complex design backgrounds. New paintings may or may not include a background grid, but in the process of creating the paintings, I found I could create a more painterly effect by stippling overlays of color, working from lighter to darker to create greater levels of depth and intensity of color.

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