Betty Latourney

Cardinal Conversation

When I was a child, I always enjoyed coloring in my coloring books.  As I grew older, I enjoyed going to art shows to see the wonderful works others produced.  I enjoyed the work and I enjoyed the artists, but I didn’t think I could be one.  Then I entered AI&G in Salisbury and met John Losonczy.  He convinced me I could become an artist in his class.  I signed up, bought the listed supplies, and started on a journey that has been thrilling ever since. Since then I have attended classes in Ocean City, Berlin, Salisbury, Snow Hill, Cambridge, Easton – all different styles and different approaches to teaching.  But the main thing I learned was:  We are all unique and special to God in our own way.  One does one thing and one another.  But if it’s in your heart’s desire, and it is fun – GO FOR IT!