Appreciate the Little Things


Written by Education Director, Katrin Huber Writing is definitely not my strong suit, but here I go. I’m excited to tell you what my family (two teenagers, ages 13 and 18) and I have been up to since we’ve been at home, since my husband is still busy in the hospital. Because we are all… Read more »

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I challenge you to an Art Attack

Elainebean Lo

Suddenly, we are “artists in residence” We’re stuck indoors. We’re getting bored. We’ve binged too much Netflix, eaten all the snacks. We can’t find toilet paper or eggs. We’re worried that little cough may be The Big One. It’s enough to make you want to crawl back into bed and pull up the covers –… Read more »

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Films to see during the OC Film Festival

morgan pilz holding baby kangaroo

The day is finally here! It’s officially the first day of the fourth annual Ocean City Film Festival and I am so excited for several reasons.  I love movies, especially animation and comedies (plus the occasional horror); I love the topic of conserving nature, which is one of the major themes for this year’s festival;… Read more »

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