Cindy Strouse

Beach Babes

Artist Biography:

Cindy grew up in Wayne, NJ and currently lives in Frankford, Delaware with her husband and two Portuguese Water Dogs. Growing up, Cindy was always interested in crafts, and still sews often. She graduated Cum Laude from Rutgers College of Pharmacy and worked in retail pharmacy where she would design and execute dramatic windows for the store. She then moved into the pharmaceutical industry for many years while raising her son, Benjamin. It was not until she retired from the industry that she was able to return to crafting, which inspired her to take the next steps and learn to seriously draw and paint.

Cindy is also part of a pet therapy team with her oldest dog, Marina. They spend a lot of time in libraries and schools helping kids improve their reading and other skills as part of PAWS FOR PEOPLE. They have reached the rank of Therapy Dog Excellent by American Kennel Club for completing over 200 therapy dog visits. This has led to her interest in writing and illustrating picture books. Both of her Portuguese Water Dogs share her love of swimming. She also combined her love of art and volunteering with the Freeman Foundation year-round school arts program as well as at summer concerts.

Cindy has always dabbled in rental real estate and still does so today with two rental properties. Cindy also loves to read and leads a neighborhood book club as well as belongs to the Rutgers University Alumni Book Club. She plays mahjong in the neighborhood and has led several art classes and shows in her neighborhood.

Artist Statement:

Cindy strives to capture the emotion and serenity in her paintings and drawings of landscape, people, flowers, and wildlife. Living by the ocean and on a lake, she focuses most of her art on the subjects around where she now lives.

She also travels and seeks out interesting people or places in interesting settings that speak to her or tell a story.