Gerilyn Gaskill

Quiet Marshes - Watercolor

Gerilyn Gaskill has a passion for capturing the beauty of the Delaware coastline and Delmarva landscapes in watercolor, oil and acrylics. Her interest in art started young in kindergarten and was helped along by her great-grandfather artist August Seiler, who also painted coastal imagery. Her aunt Sheryl Woods from Lewes, De., also helped cultivate her love of art throughout her life, especially in plein air.

Artist Statement:
My art is out to capture the here and now before it’s forgotten. As a kid I played at empty ship yards and train stations. I noticed the silence and solitude that once held hundreds of people and progress. All of that is gone now except the stillness of the Christiana River. I remember the bustling downtown that went late into the night, now barely a whisper of that glamorous time. I paint the changing time, a visual history that stirs your memories.