Jamey Krebs

Perfect Timing

Artist Biography:

Jamey Krebs is an award-winning artist of water and landscape scenes. She is mainly a self-taught artist. Her love for art began at home upon receiving her very own 64 count crayon box at the age of 5. The dream of being a professional artist was delayed, but never forgotten. Jamey had been drawing from that early age under the guidance of her talented mother who was an artist. During high school she attended art classes throughout her 4 years. Upon telling her parents she wanted to pursue art after high school, she was given life advice of what might be a better choice to major in; college did not include art classes.

After college, she joined the Army and became a Military Police Investigator for 6 years. Upon leaving the service, she used her G.I. Bill and returned to college to become a Medical Assistant. She began working for a practice of 3 doctors and remained in this field for 7 years. Jamey then discovered a job which was challenging and rewarding in property management. She found a profession that checked all the boxes and had a successful 32-year career. Finally, in 2020, she left the corporate world and moved to Chestertown with her husband. Here, she was able to make her dream of being a full-time artist a reality. Her favorite medium is oil. She paints both in studio and plein air with the Chestertown Plein Air Group. Many of her pieces are inspired by local scenes from both Kent and Queen Anne’s County; Turners Creek, Sassafras, Chester River, Chestertown and the surrounding locale. Her style has been described as realistic and detailed with an almost photographic feel. She is a regular and featured artist at Tish Fine Art Plus Gallery and is an active member of Chestertown RiverArts, Cecil County Art League and Ocean City MD Art League. Her paintings hang in homes locally and throughout the US.

Artist Statement:

I’m interested in expressing myself and what I see in my artwork. I want and hope my painting reaches some feeling inside of the person looking at it, relating to something they saw and loved so they want to relive that emotion each time they look at my painting. My motto is “I want to Share my views – one canvas at a time!”