Leonora “Peachy” DiPietro Dixon

Artist Statement

Through my books, I hope to enlighten and inspire people to express themselves to the world.

Artist Biography

“Peachy Dixon” is a true Baltimore fixture and icon. Since the 1970s, she has proudly served customers at Little Italy’s famous restaurant, Sabatino’s. For over half a century, she has met celebrities and politicians galore across Charm City, making memories to last a lifetime. She has also developed relationships with Baltimore’s finest citizens, serving generations of families. With countless stories to tell, Peachy is a published author, sharing the triumphs and pains of her wild life as well as fictional local mysteries for the people of Baltimore who know her best. With too many stories to tell (and forget), Peachy decided a decade ago that it was time to start writing. While you may not know it after just one meal with her tableside at Sabatino’s, she is a walking encyclopedia of all things Baltimore and one of the most special citizens in the city. Her books are and will continue to become a record of the last half-century. Her unwavering love for Baltimore, despite its faults, shines through every phrase. Peachy has four books. The first three are non-fiction and cover her life in the city, while the fourth is a fictional mystery. “A Peachy Life,” “A Peachy Business,” and “My Peachy City” all recount her experiences in her personal and professional lives. Plus, her latest work, “The Baltimore Bookies,” is a mystery novel showing the negative impact of drugs on cities like Baltimore. Her golden personality shines everywhere she goes. While she does not know what the future holds, she is still waiting tables four nights a week at Sabatino’s and plans to keep treating people as she would want to be treated for as long as she is able. Stop in to visit her! Her life is living proof that success stories of all types lie anywhere, even where others may initially see nothing.