Myrna C. McGrath

"Around The Bay" - Print

Artist Statement:

In the late seventies, I did a decorative map of the Chesapeake Bay area.  Then followed nine very successful editions, two being all lighthouses. Also, I did North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida Keys, Historic places and the last Bay map was “Fish and ships”. In the eighties, wildlife and wildfowl became extremely popular subjects to paint. What a perfect place to live if that was your interest.  I took part in many shows throughout the east coast and was very fortunate to be in the company of and work with many famous artists.  Just when I think landscapes and marshes are my favorite subject , I see flowers just waiting to be captured on paper or canvas, then there is always The Ocean.  Talk about a job you love.  Lately I have taken time to teach, or guide, others in learning to paint with oils.  I hope I can enable them to enjoy this hobby as much as I have.