Nancy Fine

Artist Biography:

As a long-time resident of Northern Baltimore County, Maryland, Nancy is inspired by the views around her.

Nancy’s preferred medium is oils on linen boards. She has competed in many juried and non-juried events, sometimes having only 2-3 hours to choose a subject, complete the painting, and have it framed for the competition.

Nancy’s interest in Plein Air painting has evolved over the past seven years. In a transition from realism, Plein Air has provided the perfect vehicle for expressing her love of the outdoors and awareness of nature.

The success of Nancy’s work is the result of not only her interpretation of the ever-changing natural surroundings, but of her use of lush colors, and the freedom of brushwork and her palette knife. Nancy earned a Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame College.

She has taken numerous classes and workshops, some from Zoll Studio in Baltimore, and The Torpedo Factory and Yellow Barn, both in Virginia.