Susan Donohoe

Flower Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Phone:   (302) 373-3577

Artist Statement:

Having grown up in Rehoboth, I have always been fascinated with all the things that comprise the beach way of life – whether it be the ocean, seashells, sand or simply breathing in the salt air. Although my aspirations took me away from the shore for many years to pursue a career in computer software design and programming, I have stayed true to this love of the beach and returned whenever possible to spend time with the sea, my old friend. As we used to say “I had sand in my shoes”, always compelling me to return.

After spending many years in the stressful corporate world, my husband and I retired to Lewes in 2014. To occupy my free time and satisfy my creative side, I started a small business named ‘salt bleu’, which offers a range of items from local inspired art to casual jewelry. My handcrafted jewelry collection focuses on nature in all its varied states of beauty, and primarily features coastal colors. I am always surprised and intrigued by the intricate simplicity of beauty found in natural gemstones, which has quickly become my favorite medium.

Even when I do not have the luxury to walk the jagged line where the water meets the sand, I am somehow comforted by my inner beach. The byline for salt bleu is “awaken your inner beach”. I trust my items will awaken a similar feeling in you.