Off-Site Exhibits

Visit the Art League of Ocean City’s new satellite galleries in the lobby of the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort on 91st St. and at the Coffee Beanery on 94th St. – open daily and now part of our expanded First Friday receptions!

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

At the Princess Royale (91st St. oceanfront)

Featuring new works by David J. Simpson. Opening Friday May 7, 5-7pm.

Simpson Equilibrium

“Equilibrium”, by David Simpson

Breathe – “In an ever changing world, society is consistently traveling forward in the fast lane. Our day to day existence is often defined by immediate results and responses. In order to balance our existence, it is vital to create equilibrium in our lives. Slowing down at times, and exiting the fast lane stabilizes balance in life. Taking the time to soak in precious moments and just breathe is soulful medicine. There is no better place to breathe than in the still moments that nature provides. Enjoy.

I would like to graciously thank Crissy Bowie-Simpson, Judd Sands, and Sonya Kalian for their assistance and support. Finally, thank you to The Art League of OC and The Princess Royale for this tremendous opportunity. Exhibit runs through May 2021.”

Coffee Beanery 94 St

Coffee Beanery 94 St, Bayside

At the Coffee Beanery (94th St)

Featuring paintings by Rebecca Morgan. Opening Friday May 7, 5-7pm.

88 Jardin De Laribal Acrylic

“Jardin De Laribal “, by Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan is an illustrator and painter from the Eastern Shore who has spent her career to date working between Maryland and Barcelona, Spain. Her work is greatly influenced by these two locations and cultures, imbued with the knowledge and artistic influences from living over a decade in Spain. She works primarily in traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic paint, creating brightly colored images to energize and uplift the viewer.