Art League Positivity Campaign to Promote Summer Kindness

The Art League of Ocean City has developed a summer campaign for the OC resort promoting positive messages and kindness themes. The Art League is offering three unique posters that are free to all and are available at the Ocean City Center for the Arts on 94th St. and also available here to print out. Coloring page versions of the posters are also available here for children of all ages to create and color.

These three posters are colorful, quick messages to encourage everyone who comes to OC to love it and to be kind to others. The posters promote positive themes: “Enjoy your crabs. Don’t be one”; “Love OC”; “Love OC. Relax & Chill”; and “Kindness and a smile always work.” 

Let’s keep spreading kindness and joy.

Post your photos of the positivity posters showing where you hang them in your business and home windows of the posters that were colored or painted on our FaceBook page.

Click on the poster images to download and print a full size image.

Crabposter~thumb Chillposter~thumb Kindnessposter~thumb

Click on the Coloring page image to download and print a full size image.

Crabcoloring Thumb Chillcoloring Thumb 2 Kindnesscoloring Thumb