2024 Robinson Fellow

The Orem and Harriet Robinson Fellowship was established to promote understanding of contemporary art through education, outreach, and exhibitions. The Art League of Ocean City enjoys tremendous support for the creative traditions of the lower shore, but sharing modern and contemporary art in our area sometimes requires special effort. By tapping the expertise of working artists, educators, and other arts professionals in the region, the Art League adds new art and ideas to the mix of programming they offer throughout the year.

The Orem and Harriet Robinson Fellowship was funded by local businesswoman, artist, and board member Laura Jenkins honoring her parents who were both educators. Orem Robinson was Dean of Students at Salisbury University and Harriet Robinson was principal at Pinehurst Elementary in Salisbury. Jenkins named this fellowship after them because of their dedication and love for education and art.

Jennifer Carter is Robinson Fellow for Contemporary Art and Community Engagement 2024.

Jenn Carter Photo Painting Web

Jennifer Carter

Carter, who resides in Bethany Beach, Delaware, envisions her fellowship to center on healing from experiences with trauma and loss through positive artistic expression.

“Each person experiences trauma in their lives,” Carter said. “People of all ages are in the midst of subconsciously or consciously reaching out in desperate pleas for support and guidance with personal instances of trauma, grief, change, loss. This reaching-out is invisible, or silent, or quiet, or loud for each individual … All types of reaching out need an outlet for a positive healing expression from those experiences. Anyone can create art as expressions of where they are in the process on the path of understanding and healing, and, more purposefully, grasping life’s joy, gratitude, and beauty.”

Carter will create a body of work representing her personal journey through the fellowship year.

“I continue pursuing my goal of reconnecting with joy through gratitude and memories after losses of my dad and several friends and relatives during the past two years as a touchstone for the year,” Carter said. “I have repeated, ‘You cannot win if you don’t play’ to myself. By stepping outside my comfort zone [with this fellowship] … I gain a greater understanding of my abilities, talents, rekindled and new-found art loves, and strengths. Those revelations have allowed me to continue to build myself back and beyond my expectations. This is what I wish for participants in the workshops, webinars, chats, and whatever else we brainstorm together to offer for this fellowship year!”