2023 Robinson Fellow

The Orem and Harriet Robinson Fellowship was established to promote understanding of contemporary art through education, outreach, and exhibitions. The Art League of Ocean City enjoys tremendous support for the creative traditions of the lower shore, but sharing modern and contemporary art in our area sometimes requires special effort. By tapping the expertise of working artists, educators, and other arts professionals in the region, the Art League adds new art and ideas to the mix of programming they offer throughout the year.

The Orem and Harriet Robinson Fellowship was funded by local businesswoman, artist, and board member Laura Jenkins honoring her parents who were both educators. Orem Robinson was Dean of Students at Salisbury University and Harriet Robinson was principal at Pinehurst Elementary in Salisbury. Jenkins named this fellowship after them because of their dedication and love for education and art.

David Scott Smith is Robinson Fellow for Contemporary Art and Community Engagement 2023.


David Scott Smith

Smith received his MFA in ceramics from Louisiana State University, has been teaching at the college level since 2005, and is currently Associate Professor in the Art Department at Salisbury University. He has designed classes and workshops for all ages, both children and retirees, as well as rigorous coursework for credit-seeking college students. Smith is a regular contributor of how-to ceramics articles to the internationally published Pottery Making Illustrated.  

Primarily a sculptor and a mold-maker, he explores how translucent porcelain and light depict form and surface, and re-contextualize familiar objects, like snake skin or crab claws, playing with contradictions and absurdity. Smith has exhibited his art professionally at galleries, museums, and community art centers throughout the United States since the 1990s.  He has owned his own ceramics business, Foolish Fish Studio, for 10 years and currently owns Little Lane Pottery with his wife, Paula, in Salisbury.

“I see my position as Associate Professor at Salisbury University as both teacher and community arts advocate,” Smith said. “(SU and the Art League) are symbiotic organizations whose goals should align with each other in regards to education and arts awareness and appreciation … I have extensive experience teaching hand-building, mold-making, Raku, and alternative firing, and would be happy to share these types of experiences with the members of the Art League. All levels of study and exhibition are important, and contribute to our field of study, and to the culture of our community. I am committed to the arts and arts programs on the Eastern Shore.” David Scott Smith.