Mike Eubanks

Only When It Rains

Artist Biography: Mike Eubanks is a fine art photographer based in Maryland. Mike’s work has been featured in juried publications, exhibits, and galleries, including Shots magazine (Summer 2020), the Monochrome Awards (2020), Midwest Center for Photography (May and December 2021), Back Box Gallery.(June and October 2021), L.A. Curator’s Top 40 Photos of 2021 (January 2022),… Read more »

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Gandhi Hurwitz

Artist Statement: Gandhi Hurwitz’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and learning in the field of photography. Starting with a simple Christmas gift of a camera at the age of ten, Hurwitz’s early exposure to photography was nurtured by his mother, an amateur photographer, and further influenced by the students… Read more »

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Kevin Moore

Artist Statement There is beauty in everything if you look close enough. I like images that tell stories and capture fleeting moments, abandoned places, faces and facades. If my photos have a purpose, it is to capture the beauty around me – be it a beautiful landscape or images of a decaying city, an innocent… Read more »

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Jeanne Woodward

Oc Beach Pics

“As a lover of nature and wildlife, I truly believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.  It is my responsibility as a photographer to share these moments.” jmw

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George Sass


Artist’s Statement “It’s not what you see, but how you see it.” During my first career as an advertising executive, my job had been to tell a compelling story with words and images. During my second career as a photojournalist for national yachting magazines, I learned to tell stories with my written word along with… Read more »

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Steven Bergman

Carpenter Bee Harvesting Pollen

Artist Biography and Philosophy: Originality, uniqueness and individuality are the inspirational things I look to capture through the lens of my camera. True to form, the world and mother nature never disappoints; therefore, there is little to no photoshopping of my photographs.  After living in the Pacific Northwest and the desert Southwest for several years,… Read more »

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Elaine Bean


Artist Biography: Elaine Bean was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she became a still photographer for shock movie-maker John Waters in the early 1970s.  She moved to New Orleans in 1973, to Colorado Springs in 1988, back to Maryland in 2006, and to West Ocean City in 2009, all places that strongly influenced… Read more »

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John Carter

Assateague Fence - Photography

Artist Biography: My interest in photography began while attending college in Philadelphia. It started with the school newspaper and I shot with a simple (but much loved) Pentax K-1000. Soon after I was doing family portraits in the JC Penny stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. I quickly found my real passion of Landscape… Read more »

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Charlie Ewers

Rudder 2 - Archival Photo Print

BIO Charlie Ewers has been a high school teacher, farmer, carpenter, crab boat crewman, journalist, and university professor, among other things. He currently teaches environmental studies and writing courses and lives in Wicomico County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  His photographic subjects include architecture, landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife, in locations from the Appalachian Mountains to… Read more »

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Ken Fullerton

Abandoned Boathouse - Photo

Artist Biography: Award winning photographer specializing in Nightscapes, Landscapes, and Nature photography. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not far from Ocean City and Assateague Island, where I capture many of my images.

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