Amanda Lind

Two People - Mixed Media

Artist Biography With a passion for vibrant hues and a love for experimenting with diverse materials, Amanda’s creations transport viewers into a realm where imagination reigns. From tranquil abstract pieces to captivating collages, her art invites you on a visual adventure. Embracing spontaneity and the beauty of chaos, Amanda’s work celebrates the fusion of colors,… Read more »

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Laurie Fields

Bayside Sunrise, Mixed Media

Artist Statement I am intrigued by all kinds of materials and love to imagine how to combine and integrate them in unexpected new ways. I hate to throw out or waste anything! My materials are often ones that would be discarded by most people – old paintings, palettes, leaves, roofing and artistic mistakes/mishaps. A walk… Read more »

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Joel Trotta

Artist Biography Joel works in a wide variety of mediums and has produced hundreds of creations. With a unique eye for unusual art, his style incorporates modern, post-modern, minimalist, unconventional, impasto, and abstract elements. He specializes in custom 3-D pieces. His work transcends definition and appeals to a wide range of art lovers.

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Clytie Taylor

Just Dogwoods (manipulated Photograph)

Artist Statement Current events, life experiences and our environment have inspired my art. Some years ago, I began to work smaller to be closer to my work and because I was unable to lift larger pieces. My small art invites the viewer to see my work “up close and personal”. I believe that making and… Read more »

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Barbara Gilliss

Artist Statement: I have expressed myself through my art and music my whole life.  After raising three beautiful sons I have returned to exploring who I am as an artist. I continue to be excited by the element of surprise found with mixed media and layering. I love portrait work as well as abstract studies…. Read more »

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Amy Woodhouse

Buzzing Beast, Mixed Media

Artistic Elements by Amy As a graphic designer & contemporary artist, I have moved through various genres & periods in my creative development. Currently, I work as a digital expressionist & photo journalist, painting not on a physical canvas, but a digital one. My work is multi–media, multi layered, colorful, timely, expressive of the era… Read more »

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Susan Allen

Pieceful Creations Mosaics Artist Biography: Susan Allen has been creating mosaics for the past four years with her more recent art work combining glass tesserae and other materials to add texture and dimension to her pieces.  She has been teaching mosaics for the past two years through gallery-based classes, one-on-one instruction of private students, and… Read more »

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Felicia Belair-Rigdon

They Blew In On a Wind Of Art History, Collage/Painting

Artist Statement: I am a Collage and Assemblage artist best known for works that address memory and ideas of the past. A recent piece, They Blew In On A Wind of Art History, confronts the viewer and asks them to decipher the fantasy. By combining the fragments of my own memory and other-worldly themes through… Read more »

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Jack Knight

Artist Biography: Jack Knight was born in Ontario, Canada and grew up in western New York. He received an MFA in Painting from SUNY@Buffalo. He has had over 20 solo exhibits and over 150 group shows. Knight has received numerous awards – most recently the 2021 Artist Fellowship in Sculpture from The Delaware Division of… Read more »

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Lisa Scarbath

Protected Silver Steampunk Crab

Artist Statement/Biography: I enjoy creating a variety of pieces with whimsical patterns using stained glass, tiles, broken dishes and found objects. My inspiration comes from the beach, the bay and the wonderful personalities of my family and friends.  I love upcycling bits of possessions to create a work of art that honors memories of a… Read more »

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David Janni

Originally from Michigan, Dave has lived in Maryland since the mid 1970’s, moving to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 2008.  He has an engineering background and is a self taught artist. Having always appreciated the arts, dabbling with sketches and drawings most of his life, along with a true love of nature, the thought of creating… Read more »

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Suz Saez

I reimagine furniture into ArtTables (functional art pieces). I do this by taking my own photographic images and translating them onto recycled tables and chairs. I also create tables with unique spiritual themes. All pieces are acrylic on wood. The pieces tell me what they want to be. Seriously, I’m the table whisperer!

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