Karen Lembo

Together - Acrylic

Artist Biography: Karen Lembo works primarily in acrylic and mixed media, although, as a veteran art educator, she also enjoys mixing things up, working in a variety of media and also writing about her work. Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from SUNY Oswego and a Master’s in Art Education from Syracuse University…. Read more »

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Nancy Fine

Artist Biography: As a long-time resident of Northern Baltimore County, Maryland, Nancy is inspired by the views around her. Nancy’s preferred medium is oils on linen boards. She has competed in many juried and non-juried events, sometimes having only 2-3 hours to choose a subject, complete the painting, and have it framed for the competition…. Read more »

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Martha Pileggi

Golden Sycamores - Oil

Artist Biography: I started painting when I was 16 years old and have been working at my art ever since. Art is not my hobby it is my passion. I started in watercolors and then proceeded to painting tiles and sinks; I produced artwork for reproduction in the home decorating field. And although proficient in… Read more »

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Aaron Fabio

Hold Me Like You Mean It - Acrylic

Artist Biography: Aaron lives in Crozet, VA and spends as much time as he can creating some form of art. His favorite medium these days is acrylic paint on canvas, but he still has a love for drawing and the occasional tattoo design. He draws his inspiration from whatever emotions happen to be floating around… Read more »

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Cheryl Taylor

Hippie Cat

Artist Biography: Self taught artist inspired by the beauty of Chincoteague Island, Virginia. My coastal creations are made from a variety of mediums including acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolor, pastels, photography, driftwood and shell creations. I enjoy painting and repurposing furniture as well. Available for custom orders. Artist Statement: My artwork is inspired by the beauty… Read more »

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Jamey Krebs

Perfect Timing

Artist Biography: Jamey Krebs is an award-winning artist of water and landscape scenes. She is mainly a self-taught artist. Her love for art began at home upon receiving her very own 64 count crayon box at the age of 5. The dream of being a professional artist was delayed, but never forgotten. Jamey had been… Read more »

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Michael McSorley

Industrial Plant, oil

Artist Biography: Mike started making art at a young age. He drew and sculpted people and animals from imagination. In high school he focused on art, taking a 2-period class for seniors. It was during his college years that the realm of painting beckoned, specifically the discipline of capturing life in its purest essence, encompassing… Read more »

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Ed Lewandowski

Edmee S, Acrylic

Artist Biography I’m a self-taught “pandemic painter.” During a bout with INSOMNIA late one night in DEC 2020 at the height of the Covid outbreak, I discovered the Bob Ross Channel streaming on internet TV. After binge-watching several episodes of this iconic artist, I grabbed a couple of old brushes, some acrylic paints and a… Read more »

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Gayane Minasyan

Lady Shells

Artist Statement: Gayane Minasyan is a painter and collage artist whose prolific work shows women’s beauty and portraiture. Each of her paintings tells a story. Post-Covid with the predominance of abstract art, there is a lot of “feeling, hope, wellness, self-care” but not much of a story. Gayane believes it is time again for paintings… Read more »

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Kay Sandler

Big Poppy, Acrylic

Artist Statement Since 2001 I have been immersed in the art world, but I never anticipated this. I was educated to be a lawyer, and practiced law for 20 years. In 2001 I enrolled in a watercolor class because I had always admired watercolor. Everything changed! I studied at the Maryland Institute, College of Art,… Read more »

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Nancy R. West

Going In Circles - Mixed Media

Artist Statement Painting in oils has long been Nancy’s preference.  Choosing oils as a medium enables her to use a delicate, multilayered glazing technique that results in work often suggestive of watercolor paintings.  Unlike watercolors, however, oils offer a richness of color and blending capabilities which give Nancy’s work it’s distinct look.  In the paintings… Read more »

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Ellen Rice

Artist Statement I’ve been painting as far back as I can remember. What has motivated me for most of my adult years is a strong desire to share things that bring joy, whether special moments, visions that come in answer to prayer or simply the way light dances around a beautiful scene. A Helen Steiner… Read more »

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Bonnie Sybert

Alone At The Beach - Watercolor

Artist Statement While it is one of the most difficult mediums, I have always loved the transparency and glow of Watercolor. I love capturing the beauty of seascapes and landscapes, capturing the atmosphere through light and shadows, and particularly the movement in the sky. The play between light and shadow on the beach are intriguing… Read more »

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Dawn Seek

Bridgette - Colored Pencil On Paper

Artist Statement My goal is to capture precious moments as realistically as possible. I work to continually better my skills. I work in mainly in acrylic and oil but love to branch out into other mediums such as colored pencil. Artist Biography At the age of seven, I received a paint by number set for… Read more »

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Don Hartman

Happy Birthday Acrylic On Canvas

Artist Biography: Born in Baltimore, MD., Don studied fine arts and photography at The Maryland Institute College of Art. While there, a summer job offered a full-time opportunity into the construction industry. Don followed  that opportunity which led to a career developing affordable housing.  Throughout his career, Don developed affordable housing in Maryland, Arizona, Colorado… Read more »

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Anabela Ferguson

Artist Biography: Anabela was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where her grandfather and grandmother were nationally renowned artists. Her grandfather studied abroad on an art scholarship in Europe and her grandmother was active in the Berlin, Germany art culture, honing her skills after arriving in Chile. From the age 6 to 8, Anabela studied… Read more »

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Angela Pierce

Dogwood Branch

Artist/Educator Selbyville, Delaware I am inspired by nature, the beauty of plants, animals, and the landscapes of the Coastal areas of Delaware and Maryland. With my drawings and paintings, I am expressing my interpretation of my subject matter with primarily in oils and watercolors. I have studied still life painting with Susan J Foster and… Read more »

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Lisa Vogt

Peaceful, Easy, Feeling - Oil

I am a graduate of MICA, with a BFA in Interior Design. I just started painting again three years ago after many years away from it. Working mainly in Acrylic and Oil, I enjoy painting beach scenes and beautiful skies, and I am inspired by the beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets here in OC, as… Read more »

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Joan Guerriero

Img 1857

I am from the state of Maryland and have had artistic ambitions most of my life.  In 2010 I enrolled in an Interior Design Program in Baltimore at CCBC and earned my certification in design.  Through my process in school,  I learned the art of watercolor, and drawing. My favorite painting medium is acrylic, as I… Read more »

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Maggii Sarfaty

Image0 (1)

Artist Biography: Maggii Sarfaty is an impressionist painter working in oil and watercolor, capturing the coastal beauty of the Delmarva Peninsula. Born in 1965 in Baltimore Maryland, Maggii has had a life long love affair with art. Her artistic Mother and Grandmother encouraged her at a very early age to notice subtleties in light and… Read more »

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Myrna C. McGrath

"Around The Bay" - Print

Artist Statement: In the late seventies, I did a decorative map of the Chesapeake Bay area.  Then followed nine very successful editions, two being all lighthouses. Also, I did North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida Keys, Historic places and the last Bay map was “Fish and ships”. In the eighties, wildlife and wildfowl became extremely popular… Read more »

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Katrin Huber

Artist Biography/Statement: Born in Germany, I graduated from the Technical University in Chemnitz, Germany with MBA in Engineering and worked for the International TV Station ProSieben. In 2001 we moved to the United States. Having a little son of 6 months and hardly speaking any English, I returned to my first love, painting and drawing. Starting… Read more »

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Patty Mowell

Fenwick Lighthouse - Watercolor

Artist Biography: Patty graduated in 1978 with a B.A. degree in Art from Lycoming College, where she studied both Art and Photography.  That same year she began working for a photo finishing Co. in Towson, MD.  Her work in Drawing, Watercolor and Photography was exhibited at the Towson Arts Festival, and won a first and… Read more »

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Mollee Marston

First Off - Acrylic

Artist Statement: I think of my creations as highlighted fractions of time standing still. My intent is to put a hold on a particular moment and emphasize on the individual fragments that it’s made of. My arrangements allegorically draw the viewer into a harmonious scheme of the contradictions between light and dark. They derive from… Read more »

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Carolyn Aberbach

Artist Biography: Carolyn K. Aberbach is a graduate of Rosemont College near Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art.  Additionally, she studied in the Interior Design program at Kean College of New Jersey.  Over the years she has attended classes at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia and the Art… Read more »

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Jim Rehak

Dune Shade Oil

Artist Biography: Jim Rehak, a resident of Seaford, DE, captures the seasonal changes of the Delmarva Peninsula in his landscape paintings.  His enthusiasm for plein  air landscape takes him outside to paint fields, marshes, farms, rivers and bays throughout the area.  Since Rehak is inspired by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists of the 19th century light… Read more »

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Brigitte Bowden

Artist Biography: Growing up in Austria and Germany Brigitte was exposed to art and culture at an early age.  She started painting in her teens and continued throughout her life exploring different media and studying art. Bowden received her undergraduate and Masters of Education degrees from Salisbury University.  During her career in education, as coordinator… Read more »

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Pat Lang

Lemons and Lace - Oil

Pat Lang, a native Marylander, is primarily a self-taught artist. She began oil painting in her late teens, learning through trial and error; visiting galleries to study famous works; and reading art instruction publications. As she experimented on techniques new to her, she used these experiences to master her own personal realistic style. Pat has… Read more »

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Dennis Young

Radiant - Oil

Artist Biography: Recently retired from his Wilmington medical practice, Dennis Young is now painting extensively in studio and outdoors. In 2018, he opened his new studio and gallery, Mo’zArt, in Old New Castle where he hosts monthly Friday Art Loops, sometimes in costume! Dennis paints in the realistic style in both oils and pastels. His… Read more »

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Kim Huerta

Beside Shining Water - Acrylic

Artist Biography: I began painting in 2013 after my youngest son, Jonathan, began his 2nd semester in college.  I had a sudden realization… “wait, I can have my own life now.”   I was working to decorate my new home and thought how hard could it be to create my own paintings for my walls.  So… Read more »

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Pauline Rakis

Those Big Blooms

Artist Biography: Pauline Rakis brings an element of discovery to her paintings. Laying down shapes and colors often unveils unexpected images in her landscapes, still lifes, and seascapes. Some of her works are representational while others are impressionistic. Acrylic paint is her preferred medium because of its flexibility. After selecting the size and type of… Read more »

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Stacey Sass

Launch Us! - Watercolor

Artist’s Statement: The aqueous effects inherent in the process of watercolor painting have always appealed to my aesthetic senses. Being a boater and a lover of the outdoors, plein air painting is my passion and many pieces are completed from the bow of my anchored boat. Watercolor is the perfect medium for this process. If… Read more »

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Ellen Lawler

Nap Time - Watercolor

Artist Biography: Throughout her life, Ellen Lawler has loved art and nature, especially birds. Although she followed a career path into the sciences, she always found time for artistic endeavors, especially drawing.  When possible, she took art classes at institutions including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, University of Minnesota, Salisbury University, Salisbury Art Space… Read more »

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Barbara Kern-Bush

Nocture Adventure

Artist’s Biography: Born in Pittsburgh, PA,  Barbara is new to the Eastern Shore, residing here since only 2016. She graduated with a major in Art Education from Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA,  and later received the majority of her training in classical and contemporary realism at Studio Incamminati,  Philadelphia, PA.  She is a member of… Read more »

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Gail Stern

Rt. 90 View - Oil

I have been painting for a couple of years now.  Love working with oils and pastels.

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Mitzi Ash

Together Again - Painting On Silk

Artist Biography: Mitzi Ash is a visual artist recognized for her large-scale, organic paintings that suggest the natural world. Using luxurious white silk and color-rich dyes, Mitzi invites us to marvel at the beauty of flowers, leaves, and trees through her use of shape, form, and color, capturing at once their simplicity and complexity. A… Read more »

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Gerilyn Gaskill

Quiet Marshes - Watercolor

Gerilyn Gaskill has a passion for capturing the beauty of the Delaware coastline and Delmarva landscapes in watercolor, oil and acrylics. Her interest in art started young in kindergarten and was helped along by her great-grandfather artist August Seiler, who also painted coastal imagery. Her aunt Sheryl Woods from Lewes, De., also helped cultivate her… Read more »

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Marian Bickerstaff

Eventide - Oil

Marian Bickerstaff, originally from Telford, PA has been painting in oil since the late 70’s starting with a paint set received as a gift. She studied with several painters locally in Southeast PA and at Montgomery County Community College (PA). She received several awards including two blue ribbons from the Perkiomen Valley Art League. In… Read more »

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Shirley Crawley

Oysters At Home

Shirley Crawley has been creating art through various media since her teens. Throughout the years her experiences have varied. From 2009 to 2014 she studied Chinese Brush Watercolor with the late Helene Sze McCarthy, a noted artist and teacher of Chinese painting. For Shirley this entire learning experience, was enriching in both artistic and personal… Read more »

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Jacki Yamin

Out for a Swim - Oil

Art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  I first won an award when I was in 6th grade when my picture of a flower was exhibited at the local library.  I was elated that my creation was recognized by others as worthy. My strongest influence when I was young… Read more »

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Jeanne Mueller

Sunrise At Cape Henlopen - Oil

About the Artist As a precocious 4-year-old, budding artist Jeanne Mueller painted her mother’s sofa.  Although her design didn’t win an award, a passion for creativity was created.  After retiring to the Delaware shore, Jeanne discovered an enthusiasm for painting.  In her paintings, she loves using color, light and shapes from which she creates visual… Read more »

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Suz Saez

I reimagine furniture into ArtTables (functional art pieces). I do this by taking my own photographic images and translating them onto recycled tables and chairs. I also create tables with unique spiritual themes. All pieces are acrylic on wood. The pieces tell me what they want to be. Seriously, I’m the table whisperer!

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Betty Latourney

Cardinal Conversation

When I was a child, I always enjoyed coloring in my coloring books.  As I grew older, I enjoyed going to art shows to see the wonderful works others produced.  I enjoyed the work and I enjoyed the artists, but I didn’t think I could be one.  Then I entered AI&G in Salisbury and met… Read more »

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Barbara Stepura

View From Isle Of Wight

Artist Statement Drawing has been one of my joys since childhood. As a life-long student, I continue to develop my skills and find great satisfaction and enjoyment from painting. I have discovered the challenges of “ en plein air” painting and find it is a process I most enjoy. Capturing a relatively “short moment in time”… Read more »

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Fred Sponseller

Painting # 69 Red Bowl

My name is Fred Sponseller and I have been oil painting since 2011.  I have done still life’s, landscapes, and one portrait. My works of art are at the Libraries on the western side of Sussex County, Delaware, the Laurel Coffee Shop, and the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce. I have donated many works for… Read more »

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Wendy Cossman

Tropical Bouquet

Wendy Cossman has resided in Potomac, MD for over 30 years and has always been involved with multimedia crafts, pottery and painting. Wendy has studied watercolor; taking classes from Bonny Lundy, Susan Heron, Dave Daniels, Sonia Hunt, Firouzeh Sadeghi and Carole Bouville. She has taught art to Preschoolers, group lessons at women’s retreats and gives… Read more »

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Sandra Erbe


Sandra Erbe lives in the Fenwick Island, DE region with her husband Jay and their two tuxedo cats, Harry and Hank. A lifelong musician, Sandra grew up taking music and dance lessons and was not able to fit art classes into her schedule. It wasn’t until 2007, following a tragedy, when she began taking weekly… Read more »

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Karen Hutchison

Sky Dance By Karen Hutchison Acrylic & Mixed Mediums

As a local abstract artist living in the Northern Virginia area, she experienced many contemporary influences that lead her to enjoy art and design. She prefers creating art using acrylic paints and often with mixed mediums for texture. The diversity of her style can be soft dreamy color studies to dynamic textured pieces that have… Read more »

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Helen M. Smith

Blue Heron Acrylic

My artwork explores the natural beauty that surrounds us.  I am always looking for a way to paint something unexpected or surprising and to represent the landscape or seascape in a unique way.  I am drawn to the play between abstraction and representation, the use of space and scale, unusual angles and interesting perspectives.  … Read more »

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Petra Bernstein

Version 2

Petra Bernstein uses both painting and photography to express her love for nature. Born and raised in the German countryside, she learned to appreciate nature at an early age. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Salisbury University in 2007 Summa Cum Laude with a concentration in painting. Petra lives on the Wicomico River, surrounded by an abundance of… Read more »

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Megan Burak-Lowe

Megan Burak - Sirra

Artist Biography: Megan Burak is a contemporary realist artist working mostly in oil. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland at the age of four. Burak graduated in the fall of 2015 from Salisbury University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a concentration in two-dimensional art. She… Read more »

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